Update on Hannah Taylor 2


Here is an update on Pastor Yogi Taylor’s baby. Praise God for His mercy and goodness!

Thomas Winn

March 22, 2009 – 2:18 am

Dear friends,
As many of you already know, we received the shocking news that our 14 month old baby girl, Hannah, has a tumor.  We found this out on Thursday, Friday we had Surgery, and Saturday we are asking ourselves “what has happened?”  Well, we went through surgery, ICU, and now are awaiting results and orders for our next step.  I have written a post on my blog giving details, updates, how it was revealed that she had this tumor, what kind of tumor it is,and more.  I included some pics for us to enjoy.
Please visit http://consumingchristianity.wordpress.com/ to read about what has happened and for updates on her condition!
Many may get this e-mail and by mistake.  I just sent it to all my contacts… truth be told I am hoping that all of you will be praying for her!  God Bless!

Loving the Logos,
Yogi Taylor

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