Update 4 Hannah Taylor

The following is an email from Bro. Yogi Taylor about their great news. Please go to Yogi’s blog Consuming Christianity for all the details and remember the Hannah Taylor Fund that we mention at the end of this post.

Dear friends, it was a little over a week ago when I e-mail you asking for your prayers for our little Hannah. I am e-mailing you again, only this time to inform you that our many prayers have been heard. She is now cancer free! Please go to http://consumingchristianity.wordpress.com/ and read in detail what the doctors have said. We are overwhelmed with joy at this news and look forward to spending many more years with our little Hannah.

Thank you so much for your prayers… all of you who prayed, your churches, Bible studies, prayer meetings, etc… We thank you so much and praise God that he saw fit to take us through this trial! It might sound strange but we really count ourselves blessed to have been under this kind of trial (not that we are looking for more)… but my prayer is that we would endure and persevere to the end (whatever end that would be). Thank God for the stories that have a good ending!
Please help spread the good news of our little Hannah and how God saw fit to spare her! I pray it will be encouraging to all!

Loving the Logos,
Yogi Taylor


Please Remember that there is still a fund set up at Saraland Baptist Church to help the Taylor’s with their financial burden that they will have.

Contributions may be made to Saraland Baptist Church with the “for” line of the check reading “Hannah Taylor Fund.”

The church’s mailing address is:

Saraland Baptist Church
P.O. Box 749
Saraland, Alabama 36571

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