Update 5 on Hannah Taylor

The following was written by our brother Yogi Taylor who is the father of Hannah.  Please go to Yogi’s blog Consuming Christianity for all the details and remember the Hannah Taylor Fund.  Sorry for the late post.
Dear friends,
A brief update…I wanted to let you know that Hannah is doing much better!  It looks like we are still “cancer free!”  We had our latest check up (in May) and all appears to be going well.  During the check up they ran many tests and evaluations.  One test was a CT Scan over the area where the tumor was previously removed, and it all looked clear.  We truly are blessed to see our little girl come through this with such great success!  Lately, there has been some issues of fever.  She has had a high fever for over a week, but yesterday & today she didn’t run fever at all.  So needless to say we are thankful!  We are hoping that whatever was causing the fever is passed.
A note of thanks…  We have been tremendously supported by family members, friends, churches, and folks we’ve never met.  Our family can not adequately express the gratitude we have for your many prayers, notes, calls, and visits!  I have tried my best to express this but fear that I fall terribly short.  Please know that we are very, very thankful for all of your encouragement!  God Bless you all!

Loving the Logos,
Yogi Taylor

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