2010 Deep South Regional Founders Conference


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God’s Glory Displayed: The Works of God

Decrees • Creation • Providence

In the first chapter of the Book of Romans the Apostle Paul points out to us that all men know that there is a God even if they do not acknowledge him because, “For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world.” (Romans 1:19-20) Paul tells us that God does this so that we are without an excuse. John Calvin states that when we are filled with the knowledge of God that our lives will change so dramatically that our sole aim in life will be to “to acknowledge, laud, and celebrate the magnificence of His works.” (Institutes of the Christian Religion, 2.8.16)

It is this goal in mind that we will join together again for the 2010 Deep South Regional Founders Conference. We seek to know and worship our God more fully and celebrate his works that are displayed in his decrees, creation and providence.

January 14-16, 2010

Reformed Theological Seminary

Grace Baptist Church, Jackson

Special Guest:

Dr. Steve Lawson

Dr. Steve Lawson

Dr. Steven J. Lawson

“True religion will direct our minds to the living God. When duly imbued with the knowledge of Him, the whole aim of our lives will be to revere, fear, and worship His majesty, to enjoy a share in His blessings, to have recourse to Him in every difficulty, to acknowledge, laud, and celebrate the magnificence of His works, to make Him, as it were, the sole aim of all our actions.” -John Calvin (Institutes of the Christian Religion, 2.8.16)

1. The Perfect Nature of God’s Decree:
His Character & Nature – Rev. Yogi Taylor


2. The Redemptive Nature of God’s Decree:
Predestination & Election in Christ – Rev. Rodney Sanders


3. God’s Decrees & the Free Agency of Man
God’s Sovereignty & Man’s Responsibility – Rev. James Clardy


4. The Effectual Nature of God’s Decree:
Evangelism & Worship – Bro. Bryan Whittington


5. God’s Creation:
The Goodness of What God Made – Dr. Steve Cowan


6. God’s Providence Worked Out for His Glory Alone
The Purpose of God’s Glory – Dr. Steve Lawson


7. God’s Providence Worked Out in His World
God’s Glory Displayed – Dr. Steve Lawson


8. God’s Providence Worked Out in His Church
A Means of God’s Glory – Dr. Steve Lawson


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