2010 DSR Founders Conf. Wrap-Up

Wow, what more can I say about the 2010 DSR Founders Conf.?  The preaching seems to be getting better each year.  Dr. Steve Lawson and the other men who preached this year did so with clarity and vigor.

Dealing with the theological topics of God’s Decrees, Creation and Providence all men did a wonderful job of bringing us the Word of God and unpacking these great truths.  We will have the sermons available on Sermon Audio very soon and will update you to when they are available.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter at Deep_South_Founders & our Fan Page at Facebook for more details.

The singing this year was top notch.  Dr. Joe Nesom led most of the services and we culminated the conference with an a capela version of “Rock of Ages” that will forever be printed in our memories.

Reformed Theological Seminary and Grace Baptist Church were great hostess as always.  The food was excellent and the fellowship was genuine and warm.  We had many new faces and greeted many old friends.  It was always a pleasure to see everyone and we hope to see you there next year.

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