1st Session of the Conference #DSRFC

We are gearing up for the 2nd session of the conference, but I have a little time to tell you about this morning’s opening session.  We had Dr. Tom Ascol, Director of Founders Ministry and Dr. James White leading the session with two lessons.  Dr. Ascol’s topic was “Salvation in God the Father.”  Dr. White began his teaching on the “Doctrine of the Trinity” that will carry out for the entire conference.  I am by no means going to be able to give you a break down of each session. There are others that are more apt at doing such things, and I end up missing parts of the sessions due to my responsibilities.  Also, we will have the audio available to download or purchase on CD so that you will be able to study the sermons for yourself.  Below I have made a few notes that I thought were worth mentioning and give you an idea of what we are studying.

Dr. Ascol taught us that we always need to remember that everything done by one Person of the Trinity that all three Persons are unitedly involved.  Although, we may see only one Person actively involved in a specific role (i.e. Christ on the Cross), all three are present and working in perfect unity.

Another great point and central theme to Dr. Ascol’s message was that our salvation did not happen by mistake.  It was with purpose and by a plan that God saved us that is deeply embedded in His love.  It was through this that Christ came to make the sacrifice to adopt us and the Holy Spirit to fill us and seal us in His salvation.  Although it might be a mystery why He would love us so much, it is because of this that we worship Him.  It was a wonderful sermon and I can’t wait to hear again when the CDs are ready.

Dr. White began the foundation of his lesson that he will continue through the entire conference.  The most important thing that I gained from the first session was Dr. White’s ability to relieve the fear of the doctrine of the Trinity without belittle or demean the doctrine.  This is a very special gift.

His overview was broken down into three foundations that make up the biblical doctrine of the Trinity that we need to regain if we are to be able to understand God in how He reveals Himself in Scripture.

Foundation 1: Monotheism
Foundation 2: Three Divine Persons
Foundation 3: Coequal and Coeternal

Dr. White will be breaking these foundations in further detail tonight and tomorrow morning.  The next session is about to begin so hopefully I can keep you updated on our twitter account @Deep_S_Founders.

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